October 13, 2022



These cuties are so easy to make. The recipe is very simple. There are only 4 ingredients (and water which is optional). You could do without the blue food coloring, but that makes the blood look darker and more convincing. INGREDIENTS: 2 Sheets (17 oz) - Puff Pastry 2 Cups - Sugar 1 Drop - Blue Food Coloring 8-10 Drops - Red Food Coloring 1 Gallon - Frying Oil INSTRUCTIONS 1. Spread out the puff pastry sheets--one on top of the other. If the puff pastry doesn't stick together well, you can brush some water between the sheets to help it adhere better. 2. Use a cookie cutter or a knife to cut desired shapes. We used a bottle cap to cut 2 inch circles. If you use a knife, you can make them squares (about 2 inches on each side). 3. Fry the dough in the oil until golden brown. They will puff up a bit. To help them along you can carefully help submerge them. 4. Remove from oil when they're fully cooked and place on a wire rack to cool and allow excess oil to drain. 5. In a clean pot, add in the sugar and turn the heat on to medium or medium-high to melt the sugar. 6. Add in 8 to 10 drops of red food coloring and one blue food coloring (NOTE: if the sugar has already melted, the liquid of the food coloring may cause the sugar to bubble, so take extra care to avoid burns). Mix until well combined and adjust color as needed. 7. Using a tong, dip one side of the cronut into the sugar glaze and place it back on to the wire rack to fully cool. Note that as the sugar cools, it will start to pull and create strings. You may need to slowly reheat the sugar. 8. They are ready to eat once the sugar is fully cooled and hardened.

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