August 25, 2022



CHAPTERS 0:05 3 OCT-ALIENS & RICE 0:45 KEBOBS & RICE 1:06 KIMBAP, EGGS, & TOFU 1:41 SPAM MUSUBI 2:14 HOTDOG ROLLS 2:51 HAM & CHEESE 3:14 EVERYTHING NICE 3:42 BERRY SALAD & EGG 3:58 FURIKAKE RICE & EGG 4:25 COLD LUNCH, HOT DOG Most of the ingredients are listed below. If you've got a question, leave it in the comments and we'll try to get back to you within the day. - Octopus hot dogs are made with a regular hot dog, cut half way, then cut again lengthwise half-way to create the tentacles. We panfried them and as you cook them, the tentacles will naturally curl. - Furikake Rice Balls - Cooked white rice, rolled into balls and then coated with furikake. It's so simple and the kids love it. - Kimbap - Our kimbap contains items that we love. Eggs, cucumber, carrots, spinach, hot dogs, rice, and of course the seaweed wrap. You can literally put anything in the kimbap. - Musubi is made up of pan fried spam, rice, and the seaweed wrap. You can use the can spam can to shape the rice. Other items you can add to your bento boxes - Savory: String cheese, hummus and crackers, sweet potato chips, olives, and roasted squash. - Sweet: blackberries, apples, mango, pineapples, jicama, banana chips, and chocolate-coated almonds. - Fun sides: pretzels, popcorn, animal crackers, trail mix, freeze-dried fruits, and cookies!

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